Dubai Airport Guide

A Quick Guide to the Vast Dubai International Airport Complex

General Airport Information

Dubai International Airport, or DXB Airport, is the main airport of the Dubai area and one of the busiest airports in the world. Located 14km from the city center, the airport is home to the UAE flag carrier -Emirates Airlines- as well as to the low-cost governmental Flydubai. Moreover, it is considered a high-tech aviation hub while playing a major part in Dubai’s local economy.


Consisting of three terminal buildings, DXB Airport spreads into a vast area. Terminal 1 serves international destinations, while the nearby terminal 3 is dedicated to Emirates Airlines and is subdivided into three concourses. Lastly, terminal 2 is 7km away from the other two buildings and handles mostly low-cost and regional flights, as well as a few international journeys and charter flights.


Although the 5-star Dubai airport hotel located in terminal 3 is a top-quality facility, there are also plenty of notable accommodation options lying in proximity to the airport complex. On the other hand, Dubai city center is famous for its hospitality services, hosting world-class and top-rated hotels. Thus, whichever the location and whatever the budget and personal preferences, finding the ideal hotel for you is a sure bet. However, as taking your pick from the wide variety of hotels near Dubai Airport and in the city center could be a hard task, why not make your choice easier by checking out the city’s best hotel options?


Dubai International Airport has short-stay and long-term parking facilities spread all over its terminals. Thus, depending on your needs and budget, you can settle on the ideal parking option at DXB Airport and arrange your pick-up or your flight journey stress-free.

Layover at the Airport

Whether you have a long or short Dubai airport layover in front of you, you shouldn’t be worried. For short layovers at the airport, DXB provides its passengers with all the necessary amenities, from endless shopping to fine dining and from resting areas and lounges to playgrounds and relaxation zones, such as gardens! On the other hand, long layovers undoubtedly call for a quick visit to the exotic city of Dubai.