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Handy Tips & Hints about Taxis in Dubai

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Taxis in Dubai: Overview

Taxis are very popular among tourists in Dubai. The extremely high temperatures make walking a rather out-of-the-question option. Indeed, reaching the bus stop or the subway station, changing between lines, and walking from the disembarking point to your final destination is not an appealing prospect. Thus, Dubai air-conditioned and modern taxi vehicles are the top transfer option for travelers wishing to reach their destination in comfort and ease. Explicitly, you can check out the pros of cons of Dubai taxis:

Dubai Taxis Pros

More than 10.000 taxis are available in Dubai. Thus, finding a taxi -even flagging it down on the street- is an easy task.

Safety is guaranteed with Dubai taxis.

Door-to-door rides are their main advantages. Dropping passengers right in front of their destination is a huge plus when the temperature outside reaches 40℃.

Most taxi drivers speak English fluently.

Dubai taxis are “life-saving” when traveling with children. 

Dubai taxis keep your personal items safe, stored in the vehicle’s trunk, and not exposed inside buses or trains.

Dubai taxis are considered more affordable than taxis in other major cities of the world.

Dubai Taxis Cons

Taxis are definitely costlier than public transportation. When compared to public buses and the subway, Dubai taxis are proven a significantly pricier alternative.
During peak hours, heavy traffic greatly affects the final taxi rates.
Taxi drivers are known for their fast driving.

Dubai Taxi Fares

Dubai taxis are metered, while their fares are regulated by the government. Thus, a taximeter forms the final charge according to the distance and the traveling duration. Overall, plenty of taxi companies operate in Dubai, with the governmental Dubai Taxi Corporation being the major one. Nevertheless, many other private taxi companies are present in Dubai, still controlled by the state in one way or another. Despite all taxi vehicles being cream-colored, each taxi company’s feet have different colors on its vehicles’ roofs. Dubai Taxi Corporation, for instance, has cream vehicles with red roofs. On the other hand, taxis with pink roofs are women-driven cabs available only to women and children.

As the taxi rates are officially regulated, all taxi companies offer much or less the same prices. Thus, the initial tariff during the day (06:00 am – 10:00 pm) is 5 AED(1.22€/1.22$), and the price per km is 1.97 AED(0.50€/0.50$). During the night (10:00 pm – 06:00 am), the rate per km stays the same, but the flag rate is 5.5 AED(1.34€/1.34$). In any case, the minimum taxi fee is 12 AED(2.92€/2.92$).

Our Tip: The above-listed fares concern taxis hailed from the street or the taxi ranks. For pre-booked radio taxis, the initial fare is 10 AED(2.54€/2.54$) during the off-peak hours, while the flag fare for a called taxi during rush hours * is 12 AED(3.04€/3.04$), no matter the time of the day.

*Rush hours: Sundays-Wednesdays: 08:00 am – 9:59 am / 04:00 pm – 07:59 pm

                        Thursdays: 08:00 am – 9:59 am / 04:00 pm – 11:59 pm

                        Fridays: 04:00 pm – 11:59 pm

Dubai Taxis: Payment Methods

Every taxi in Dubai is equipped with a POS system. Thus, payments are accepted both in cash (dirhams) and via bank cards. If you plan on paying with cash, make sure you have small bills with you, as taxi drivers often run out of change.

How to Hire a Taxi in Dubai

As taxis’ presence in Dubai is abundant, hiring a cab is a picnic. Whether you want to flag one down on the street or head to one of the more than 50 taxi ranks conveniently located near the main city’s attractions, hotels, transport hubs, etc., finding a taxi won’t trouble you. In any case, if you want to avoid the notorious Dubai heat and get picked up right in front of your location, you can call for a radio taxi. However, you should keep in mind that called taxis are slightly costlier, especially during rush hours. 

Our Tip: You can also use the RTA’s (Roads & Transport Authority) app to reserve your taxi vehicle.

Dubai Taxi to Dubai Airport

If you want to arrive at Dubai International Airport on time, without stress and hassle, you should use a Dubai airport taxi. If you have plenty of time and you are traveling light, you can head to the nearest taxi rank or even hail a cab from the street. However, the safest way to be sure that you won’t miss your flight is to call one of the many Dubai radio taxis or use a taxi app to make your reservation.

Handy Tips about Dubai Taxis

  • Dubai taxis are metered. Thus, once entering your taxi, please check that the taximeter is on and running properly.
  • You should always opt for a cream taxi with a colored roof (please remember that each taxi company uses different colors) and the company’s logo on the vehicle’s doors. Individual taxi drivers are most probably going to scam you.
  • If your route includes a toll road, you will have to pay the toll fees. For example, the ride from Dubai Airport to Downtown is a toll route.
  • Dubai taxi drivers speak English fluently (many of them can communicate in different languages as well).
  • Dubai’s streets have names but no numbers. Thus, to reach your destination, you will have to give your driver the exact address as well as a nearby attraction, hotel, well-known restaurant, etc. 
  • You can rent a taxi for 6 hours or 12 hours. This option offers unlimited transfers for the chosen period of time, yet only inside Dubai districts.
  • Tipping is not obligatory. However, it is customary. 
  • Dubai taxis don’t provide child seats. Nevertheless, you can bring your own.
  • Wheelchair-accessible taxis are available upon booking. Overall, people with disabilities who are capable of using an ordinary taxi are offered a discount on taxi fees.
  • Women are advised to sit in the back seat. 
  • Ridesharing is also an option in Dubai.


How much are Dubai taxis?

Dubai taxis are, in general terms, cheaper than taxis in other big cities. Hence, their flag rate is 5 AED(1.22€/1.22$), the price per kilometer 1.97 AED(0.50€/0.50$), while the minimum charge is 12 AED(2.92€/2.92$).

Are taxis easy to get in Dubai?

With more than 10.000 taxis circulating Dubai, finding a taxi is not a hard task. You can stop a taxi on the street, take one from the more than 50 city taxi stands or call for your cab.

Can I pay by card in Dubai taxis?

All Dubai taxis are equipped with POS machines. Thus, you can pay in cash, via a credit or debit card, or use an NOL card as well.

Are Dubai taxis safe?

Overall, all Dubai taxis are considered a safe way of transport. State-controlled, all the taxi companies in Dubai offer secure services. Nevertheless, RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) is not responsible for unlicensed individual taxi vehicles. Therefore, you should always opt for cream taxis with colored roofs displaying the company’s logo on their sides.