Dubai International Airport Subway

The Efficient and Modern Dubai Subway at your Disposal in DXB Airport

Dubai’s Subway Network

Dubai’s subway system is considered one of the most advanced in the world. The modern, clean, and air-conditioned subway carriages offer efficient transfer services, connecting all the zones of Dubai’s transport map at low-cost fares. What’s more, all the subway lines in Dubai provide their passengers with free Wi-Fi. Overall, the subway network is rather simple and easy to use, consisting of only two lines -the Red Line and the Green Line. Hence, travelers don’t face any difficulties when it comes to their subway transfers. 

Our Tip: Please note that the subway is driverless and that upon a higher ticket fee, you can reserve a more comfortable and spacious seat in the first carriage (Gold Class Seats) overlooking the front window of the automated train. Moreover, all trains have separate carriages dedicated to women and children.

The Red Subway Line at Dubai Airport

The Red Subway Line links Dubai Airport to Downtown Dubai. The Red Line reaches the Jebel Ali Industrial Area after passing through Dubai city center Thus, it calls at Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Station, right in the heart of the city, after an approximately 25-minute journey. All the subway stations are linked conveniently via public buses and taxis. What’s more, passengers disembarking at the Union Subway Station and the Burjuman Station can hop on the Green Line and continue their ride. It is recommended to plan wisely your subway ride so that you have the least possible walking to your destination, as Dubai’s heat is often unbearable.

Our Tip: Please keep in mind that a luggage limit is applied in the subway. Hence, subway passengers are allowed to carry one piece of luggage along with one hand baggage.

The Subway Stations at Dubai International Airport

Two out of the three DXB terminals host a subway station. Indeed, subway stations are to be found in terminals 1 and 3, at a 700-m distance from each other. Thus, DXB passengers wishing to avoid walking from one terminal to the other or taking the free shuttle bus, which passes every 20 minutes, can also use the subway for in-between terminal transfers.

The Red Subway Line’s Operational Hours from Dubai Airport

The subway operational hours vary depending on the day of the week. Hence, from Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays, trains leave the airport stations from 05:00 am to midnight. On Fridays, the subway runs from 05:00 am to 01:00 am, while on Sundays, subway routes are available from 08:00 am to midnight. All in all, Red Subway Line connects Dubai Airport to the city center with a 4-7-minute frequency. 

Our Tip: Please note that during Ramadan, the subway’s schedule may differ. 

Subway Ticket Fares from Dubai Airport

Dubai’s transportation system is divided into 7 zones. Thus, the price of a subway ticket depends on the number of traversed zones. To pay for your ticket, you have to buy a contractless, rechargeable Nol Card, available at the airport’s subway stations. Neither cash nor credit cards are accepted as payment methods for a subway ticket. Instead, you can charge your Nol Card either way at the stations’ automatic machines. There are 4 types of Nol Cards:

  • The Red Ticket: this is actually a paper card, which can be topped with 10 single trip tickets or 5 daily passes. The card is valid for 90 days and can be used in trains, subways, and buses. However, only one mode of transport can be used per trip, while the maximum journey duration should be 180 minutes. The red ticket costs 2 AED(0.50€/0.50$), and the fare for transfers inside 1 zone (for instance, between DXB Airport and the Union Station) is 4 AED(1€/1$). The price for transfers inside two adjacent zones (for example, from DXB to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Station) is 6 AED(1.50€/1.50$), while more than 2-zone rides cost 8.5 AED(2.14€/2.14$).
  • The Silver Card: the silver card is the most popular option among travelers, as it can be used at all transportation modes (bus, taxi, subway, train, sea bus) and even for some paid parking lots. Costing 25 AED(6.28€/6.28$) -with 19 AED(4.77€/4.77$) of them being credited for upcoming transfers- it generally offers lower prices. Hence, a 1-zone transfer costs 3 AED(0.75€/0.75$), a ride between two nearby zones 5 AED(1.26€/1.26$), whereas a trip where more than 2 zones are traversed is priced at 7.5AED(1.88€/1.88$). If you plan on using more than one means of transport, please remember that you have 30 minutes to change from one to the other. Otherwise, you will be charged for two trips. 
  • The Gold Card: at the same price as the Silver Card, the Gold Card is addressed to passengers wishing to travel in the Gold Class of the Dubai trains.
  • The Personal Card: this option is recommended for Dubai’s inhabitants, as well as for travelers having Dubai as their usual destination. 

Our Tip 1: No matter the Nol card type, for each trip to be considered a single journey, it must last up to 180 minutes and include up to 3 transfers. What’s more, you can’t use the Nol Card unless it is filled with at least 7.5AED(1.88€/1.88$).

Our Tip 2: Children up to 5 years travel for free. 


Is there a metro from Dubai Airport?

The Red Line of the Dubai subway links the airport to the city center. Departing from the subway station of terminal 1 as well as from the station located in terminal 3, the subway heads to Dubai downtown in around 25 minutes with 4-7-minute intervals.

Can I buy a Nol Card at Dubai Airport?

To pay for your subway ticket from Dubai Airport, you will have to buy a rechargeable Nol Card. Nol cards can be purchased from both the airport train stations.