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Transfer Options from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi

Are you planning your flight trip to Dubai and are now in search of the best way to travel to Abu Dhabi right after landing at DXB Airport? Make your choice among the comfortable taxis or if the cost is a deal-breaker, settle on the combination of the fast Dubai subway with the comfortable Dubai buses. Alternatively, why not book a private transfer ensuring a pleasant, fast and safe ride from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi? Last but not least, are you an adventure lover? A Dubai airport car rental is the ideal way to reach your destination while exploring the exotic UAE areas. So, have you settled on your Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi transportation mode?


OptionsPrice (AED)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi329 AED82.50€82.50$90 min
Subway + Bus32.50 AED8.17€8.17$60 min

Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi by Taxi

A Dubai airport taxi is one of the most convenient ways to reach your destination in the nearby Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The official taxi ranks at DXB Airport are located outside the three terminals’ doors. There, the cream-colored taxis are patiently lining up, waiting to transfer the airport’s passengers to their journey’s end. The largest taxi company in Dubai, Dubai Taxi Corporation, is owned by the government, yet all the taxi companies are somewhat state-controlled anyway. That’s the reason why their fares are just about the same. In any case, you can tell each company’s vehicles apart as they display the company’s logo on their doors while their roofs are painted in different colors. Please note that taxis with pink roofs are driven by women and can be used only by women and children.

Dubai airport taxis are metered. Thus, road traffic greatly affects the final fare. Unfortunately, the route from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi is often congested. Overall, under normal traffic conditions, your 150-km journey time should be about 90 minutes, and the taxi’s fare should be around 329 AED(82.50€/82.50$). However, you will also be charged the toll fees. Payments are possible in cash (dirhams) and via credit or debit cards, as all Dubai taxi drivers have POS systems. 

Our Tip: In the main Dubai bus stations, it is customary for taxi drivers to accept shared rides. Thus, if you are traveling alone, you can head to a major bus hub and share your taxi fees (and your cab, unfortunately) to Abu Dhabi with other passengers. However, in that case, the taxi will most probably drop you off at the main bus station in Abu Dhabi.

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Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi by Subway & Bus

Although DXB Airport is not directly connected to Abu Dhabi via public transportation, you can use the modern Red Subway Line calling at DXB terminals 1 and 3 and heading to Ibn Battuta Bus Station or Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in the city center. From there, Buses E101 and E100 respectively leave Dubai and head to Abu Dhabi.

Dubai subway is clean and efficient while offering Wi-Fi to its passengers. What’s more, it operates with a 4-7-minute frequency. However, it doesn’t run 24/7, but its operational hours vary depending on the day of the week. Thus from Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays, trains leave DXB Airport from 05:00 am to midnight. On Fridays, trains run from 05:00 am to 01:00 am, and on Sundays, from 08:00 am to midnight. Moreover, only one piece of luggage and a handbag are allowed inside the subway.

On the other hand, Dubai intercity buses (standing out from the others by the letter “E” before their number) are comfortable, air-conditioned, with plenty of storage space, and provide Wi-Fi services as well.

Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi via the Ibn Battuta Bus Station

The first option for your public transfer from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi is to take the Red Subway Line from either of the airport subway stations and head to Ibn Battuta Metro Station. From that point, the bus station will be only a 5-minute walk away. However, as the Red Line branches in two directions at Jabal Ali Station, you will have to change trains there and continue your trip to the next stop (Ibn Battuta Station) with the Branch Line (MBrch). All in all, your subway journey to Ibn Battuta Bus Station will last approximately 1 hour. The Intercity Bus E101 runs on a 20-minute basis. During the night, buses leave every hour. From Monday to Saturday, Bus 101 runs from 04:30 am to midnight, while on Sundays, it is available from 04:20 am to 00:30 am. The bus ride to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station takes around 90 minutes, making the total journey time from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi approximately 150 minutes, without including the waiting time.  

Our Tip: From Ibn Battuta Bus Station, you can also take the E102 bus. E102 needs 2 hours to reach Abu Dhabi while terminating its route at Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station. However, it calls at Abu Dhabi Airport as well.

Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi via the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station

Alternatively, you can take the Red Subway Line from the airport to Union Station and change to the Green Line heading to Al Ghubaiba Subway Station. The Al Ghubaiba Bus Station is 6 minutes away on foot from the subway station. Your subway ride will last about 32 minutes. At Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, you’ll hop on the Intercity Bus E100 to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station. In general terms, it runs every half hour and operates from 04:20 am to 11:20 pm. On Fridays and during weekends, its routes are more frequent. The trip with Bus E100 lasts 110 minutes. Therefore, the total transfer from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi should take 140 minutes. Waiting time for the subway and bus is not included. Still, as all lines run frequently, waiting shouldn’t add much time to the entire journey’s duration. 

Our Tip 1: If you want to save time (but not money), you can take an airport taxi to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station.

Our Tip 2: During Ramadan, timetables usually change. 

How Much will your Journey cost?

To begin with, you can’t pay for your transfer in cash. Conversely, you will have to buy a rechargeable Nol Card at the airport subway station or the automatic machines of the Arrivals halls, charge it with money, and use it both for your subway and bus rides. There are 4 different types of Nol Cards: the Red Ticket is a contactless paper card, which can be loaded with 10 single tickets or 5 daily passes. It costs 2 AED(0.50€/0.50$) and is valid only for train, subway, and bus rides. However, a Red Card gives passengers the right to use only one mode of transport per trip. The Silver Card is priced at 25 AED(6.28€/6.28$) (offering though a 19 AED(4.77€/4.77$) credit) and can be used on trains, trams, subway, buses, sea buses, taxis, and even for parking. Please keep in mind that unless you transfer from one transport means to the other within 30 minutes, you will be charged for two trips. The Gold Card is preferred by passengers wishing to travel on the Dubai trains Gold Class, while the Personal Card is mainly used by locals. In all the above cases, children up to 5 years of age travel free.

If you choose the Ibn Battuta Station and the Intercity Bus E101, you will have to pay 7.5AED(1.88€/1.88$) for your subway ride (as the station is located two zones away from the airport) if you have a Silver Card and 8.5 AED(2.14€/2.14$) if you’ve bought the Red Ticket. The bus fare will be 25 AED(6.28€/6.28$), and the total cost of your ride 32.50 AED (8.17€/8.17$)

If you are heading to Al Ghubaiba Station, while the cost of the E100 bus will be the same, you will pay 5 AED(1.26€/1.26$) with a Silver Card and 6 AED(1.50€/1.50$) with a Red Ticket for the subway, as the bus station lies in the adjacent to the airport zone. Thus, your total transfer will be priced at 30 AED (7.54€/7.54$).

Our Tip 1: If you are traveling economy class via Emirates, you can use their free airport shuttle transfers. However, you should mention it during your reservation. The Emirates coaches leave from DXB terminal 3 to Abu Dhabi.

Our Tip 2: Please remember that Nol Cards can only be used in Dubai. They are not valid in Abu Dhabi. 

Car Rental from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi

A Dubai airport car rental is one of the most convenient and easy ways to get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi. If you enjoy independent journeys and you have a parking spot waiting for you in Abu Dhabi, don’t overthink it. Make your pick among the numerous car rental companies operating at DXB Airport and start your trip stress-free.

The estimated duration of your ride will be about 90 minutes. Nevertheless, the unfortunately common traffic jams can raise that time significantly. What’s more, you should keep in mind that the route from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi is a toll road. Hence, you should be prepared for the toll fees. Still, Dubai’s car rentals remain the most autonomous way to travel to Abu Dhabi and explore its nearby areas.

Private Airport Transfers from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi

If airport taxis are convenient and car rentals are independent, Dubai airport transfers are the most luxurious and pleasant way to reach Abu Dhabi after arriving at DXB Airport. Your driver will be waiting for you at the exit of your gate, ready to carry your luggage and drive you to Abu Dhabi once you get comfortable inside the vehicle. Thus, if you want to enjoy premium transfer services from Dubai Airport Abu Dhabi, all you have to do is choose one of the private transfer companies operating at Dubai Airport and book your ride.


How do I get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi?

You have two alternatives when it comes to your transfer from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi: the convenient yet costly airport taxi or the cheap but highly tedious combination of the Red Subway Line with the intercity Dubai buses. Alternatively, private airport transfers and car rentals are also listed among your options.

How much is a taxi from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi?

Dubai taxis are metered. Hence, their fares depend on the traffic conditions. In any case, Dubai taxis usually charge 329 AED(82.50€/82.50$) for the 90-minute transfer from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi.

Is a bus available from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Three intercity bus lines leave Dubai, heading to Abu Dhabi. Bus E100 connects Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station, while Bus E101 departs from Ibn Battuta Station, with the main bus station of Abu Dhabi as its destination. Finally, Bus E102 also runs from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station but heads to Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station, stopping at Abu Dhabi Airport on its way.

How much is the bus fare from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

The bus ticket from Dubai to Abu Dhabi costs 25 AED(6.28€/6.28$) for all three bus lines. However, the purchase of a contactless Nol Card is required to pay for your ticket.