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Inside Dubai Airport: Dubai Airport Hotel 

If you are after the ultimate accommodation experience without leaving the airport, you should undoubtedly head to terminal 3 and check in to Dubai International Hotel, the Dubai airport hotel lying airside at the terminal. The 5-star hotel offers high-class services to passengers reserving one of the lavish rooms and to travelers using some of its amenities upon payment as well. Overall, the hotel is highly reviewed by its customers and totally tuned to the sumptuous Dubai Airport’s character.

Where is Dubai Airport Hotel Located?

The inside-the-airport Dubai International Hotel lies in the vast DXB terminal 3, housing Emirates Airlines. In fact, the hotel spreads its facilities over the terminal’s three concourses. Thus, in Concourse A, the hotel reception is to be found between Gates A1 and A24, while an executive reception is adjacent to Gate A24. On the other hand, the eastside reception, as well as the executive entrance of Concourse B, are placed next to Gate B22, whereas the westside reception is located next to Gate B14. Finally, the hotel’s doors in Concourse C are close to Gate C15.

Dubai International Airport Hotel’s Rooms

Dubai Airport Hotel’s rooms are spacious and modernly decorated, with tasteful color touches. Overall, the hotel has 5 presidential suites, 56 junior suites, and 61 executive rooms, along with 27 superior deluxe and 381 deluxe rooms. Each room is fully equipped with all the amenities anticipated from a 5-star accommodation.

The hotel isn’t affordable. Still, it is a value-for-money option, as its prices reflect the quality of amenities, while it is considered a reasonable option when compared to the city’s hotels. In general terms, the day prices vary from 900 AED(226€/226$) to 6000 AED(1507€/1507$). Nevertheless, hourly bookings are also available.

Dubai Airport Hotel Services & Facilities

Besides the standard services, Dubai International Airport Hotel offers a top-quality series of amenities. Thus, as far as dining is concerned, the Cho Gao Restaurant lies in Concourse A near Gate A6, specializing in premium Asian cuisine, while The Gallery near Gate B9 serves local and international dishes. Finally, Concourse C hosts The Sky Bar adjacent to Gate C19. Please note that the hotel in Dubai Airport offers most of its dining options around the clock.

Additionally, Dubai Airport Hotel provides its business guests with a fully-kitted business center, also available 24/7. The business center has workstations and meeting rooms equipped with the latest tech audio-visual aids. 

The hotel is also well-known for its G Force Health Club. The fitness center has everything you may be looking for: premium training equipment, a jacuzzi, a sauna (only in Concourse C), steam rooms, and even a pool. G Force offers its services to non-guests as well, upon payment. In fact, it has a wide variety of packages, including a shower package. The G Force facilities are to be found near Gate A1 of Concourse A, between Gates B14 and B16 of Concourse B, and close to C13 of Concourse C. On the other hand, Timeless Spa is also famous for its lavish services. From massage sessions to beauty treatments, the hotel’s guests can relax while rejuvenating themselves. The spa amenities are placed between Gates A1 and A24 of Concourse A, adjacent to Gate B18 of Concourse B, and close to Concourse C’s Gate C13. Last but not least, Dubai airport hotel proffers Meet & Greet services to its customers landing at DXB Airport.

Dubai International Airport Hotel’s Amenities in Terminals 1 and 2

Terminal 1 doesn’t house an airport hotel. Nevertheless, in Concourse D, two Ahlan lounges are to be found, with the signature of the Dubai International Hotel. Please note that an 8-hour before-your-arrival reservation is required, while bookings usually concern an up to 4-hour stay. On the other hand, passengers can transfer from terminal 1 to terminal 3 without passing through customs. Therefore, you can leave terminal 1 and reach the hotel in Dubai Airport on foot.

Conversely, Dubai airport hotel doesn’t have facilities or lounges in terminal 2. Hence, if arriving at terminal 2, you can check in to Dubai International Hotel as long as you don’t pass through immigration (you stay airside) and use the 24/7 complimentary airport shuttle bus to get to terminal 3.

Dubai Airport Hotel Contact Info

  • Dubai International Hotel, Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport, P.O. Box 35566
  • Phone Number: +971 4 505 2000
  • WhatsApp (only texts): +971 54 791 6000
  • Fax: +9714 220 3887
  • Email: