Parking at Dubai International Airport

Cheap and Premium Parking Options at Dubai Airport

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DXB Parking Services

Whether you are about to pick up your loved ones or fly from DXB Airport, Dubai Airport has all the necessary parking facilities to meet your needs. Short-term parking lots and long-stay car parks are available at all three terminals, offering safe parking services to Dubai airport’s passengers.  

Our Tip: For persons with special needs, the first two hours are out of charge in all the DXB parking lots. What’s more, wheelchairs and electric trolleys are provided upon request.

Dubai Airport Parking Lots at Terminal 1

Terminal 1 offers two parking options. Thus, passengers looking for a short (roughly up to 5 hours) and close to the terminal stay in DXB Airport can opt for the Premium Car Park 1, located 2-3 minutes from the terminal’s doors. Alternatively, Economy Car Park B, lying 7-9 minutes from terminal 1, is ideal for long-term parking at Dubai International Airport. Please keep in mind that the furthest-located Car Park B is connected to the terminal building via the free airport shuttle bus, running on a 24-hour basis with a 20-minute frequency.

Dubai Airport Parking Lots at Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is also equipped with two parking lots. The Premium Car Park A –mainly addressed to visitors wishing to park their car for just a few hours- is only a 3-5-minute walk from terminal 2, while the Economy Car Park B –more popular among motorists looking for a long-term and cheap parking at Dubai International Airport- lies 10-12 minutes away. The free airport shuttle bus links the T2 Car Park B to the terminal as well.

Dubai Airport Parking Lot at Terminal 3

The vast Emirates terminal 3 has a multi-level parking facility spread over three floors. The T3 parking lot is to be found really close to the terminal’s entrance, only 2-3 minutes away on foot.

Our Tip: Are you looking for the ultimate parking experience at Dubai Airport? Benefit from the airport’s valet services provided at terminals 1 and 3. Park your car right in front of your terminal, leave the keys to one of the airport’s experienced staff and pick it up from the same location once returning to DXB Airport.

The Pick-up Zones of DXB Airport

There are no designated areas for picking up passengers in either of Dubai airport’s terminals. On the contrary, the zones right in front of the terminals’ doors are available only to vehicles with proper authorization. Hence, motorists wanting to pick up their loved ones should use the premium car park facilities of terminals 1 and 2, the parking lot of terminal 3, or the airport’s valet services.

DXB Parking Fees

DXB parking rates vary depending on the chosen parking facility. As a general rule, the short-term options, lying close to the terminals, are costlier, whereas the remote long-stay car parks offer lower prices. Payments are made in the automatic machines placed at all the airport parking lots. Visitors can use cash as well as credit cards. Explicitly, parking at Dubai International Airport is charged as follows:

DXB Parking Lots Fees – Terminal 1

Parking AreaCar Park A (Premium)Car Park B (Economy)
5 minutes5 AED(1.26€/1.26$)-
First 15 minutes15 AED(3.77€/3.77$)-
First 30 minutes30 AED(7.54€/7.54$)-
1 hour-25 AED(6.28€/6.28$)
2 hours40 AED (10.05€/10.05$) - For up to 2-hour stays30 AED(7.54€/7.54$)
3 hours55 AED(13.82€/13.82$)35 AED(8.80€/8.80$)
4 hours65 AED(16.33€/16.33$)45 AED(11.31€/11.31$)
1 day125 AED(31.41€/31.41$)85 AED(21.36€/21.36$)
Each Additional Day100 AED(25.13€/25.13$)/day75 AED(18.85€/18.85$)/day

DXB Parking Lots Fees – Terminal 2

Parking AreaCar Park A (Premium)Car Park B (Economy)

1 hour30 AED(7.54€/7.54$)15 AED(3.77€/3.77$)
2 hours40 AED (10.05€/10.05$) 20 AED(5.03€/5.03$)
3 hours55 AED(13.82€/13.82$)25 AED(6.28€/6.28$)
4 hours65 AED(16.33€/16.33$)30 AED(7.54€/7.54$)
1 day125 AED(31.41€/31.41$)70 AED(17.59€/17.59$)
Each Additional Day100 AED(25.13€/25.13$)/day50 AED(12.57€/12.57$)/day

The DXB Parking Lot Fees of Terminal 3

Parking AreaTerminal 3: Multi-level Car Park
5 minutes5 AED(1.26€/1.26$)
First 15 minutes15 AED(3.77€/3.77$)
First 30 minutes30 AED(7.54€/7.54$)
1 hour-
2 hours40 AED (10.05€/10.05$) - For up to 2-hour stays
3 hours55 AED(13.82€/13.82$)
4 hours65 AED(16.33€/16.33$)
1 day125 AED(31.41€/31.41$)
Each Additional Day100 AED(25.13€/25.13$)/day


How much is parking in Dubai Airport?

Parking at Dubai International Airport is charged according to the chosen car parking facility. Thus, the premium short-term car parks A of terminals 1 and 2, along with the multi-level parking lot of terminal 3, are overall pricier than the economy car parks lying approximately 10 minutes away from terminals 1 and 2.

How do you pay for parking at Dubai Airport?

Each DXB parking lot is equipped with automatic machines. Hence, drivers should pay their parking fees using automatic payment machines, in cash, or via a credit card.