Transportation from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa

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Transit Options from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa

Dubai Airport is one of the busiest airports globally. It is possibly the busiest when it comes to international travelers flying from and to the airport. Thus, the airport is well-connected to Burj Khalifa via numerous transportation modes: from the fast and modern airport taxis to the efficient and low-cost subway and the affordable yet time-consuming public buses, DXB passengers can make up their minds weighing up the pros and cons of each alternative. On the other hand, plenty of private transfer companies link the lavish Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa, while Dubai airport car rentals are an excellent choice for visitors wishing to travel around Dubai.


OptionsPrice (AED)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi60 AED15€15$20 min
Bus5 AED1.26€1.26$70 min
Subway5 AED1.26€1.26$25 min

Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa by Taxi

The cream-colored official Dubai airport taxis are always available, queueing up at the taxi ranks located outside terminals 1, 2, and 3. As plenty of taxi companies operate in Dubai, each company’s fleet consists of vehicles with a unique color on their roofs. Thus, apart from the logo on their doors, each company’s vehicles stand out from their roof color as well. On the other hand, taxis with pink roofs are driven by women and addressed exclusively to women and children.

Although Dubai Taxi Corporation is the only state-owned company, all taxi providers are regulated by the government, at least as far as their fares are concerned. Hence, their prices are approximately the same.

The ride from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa lasts around 20 minutes, depending on the traffic, and usually costs 60 AED(15€/15$). Please keep in mind that Dubai airport taxis are metered and dependent on the congestion of the roads. Moreover, the route is a toll road. Hence, you should expect to be charged toll fees. Payments are possible in cash and via bank cards. Although most taxi drivers speak English fluently, you might face difficulties informing your driver about your destination. Dubai streets have names but no numbers. Thus, you should also mention a nearby attraction, restaurant, or city landmark.

Our Tip: It is recommended to check if your hotel offers free airport rides. However, if the transit services are paid, you should settle on the taxi option as the cost of the hotel ride will most probably be higher. 

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Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa by Bus

The bus is a low-cost transfer option from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa, yet it is by far the most lengthy one. Depending on your arrival terminal, you will need 70 minutes to 80 minutes to reach Burj Khalifa while you’ll also have to change between bus lines. 

Thus, if you land at terminal 1, you will have to take the Local Bus 33 from the bus stop outside the terminal’s doors and disembark at the City Center Metro Bus Stop 1. From there, you’ll hop on Bus 27 to Dubai Mall. Overall, the journey will last 65 minutes, including walking distance. 

Passengers arriving at terminal 2 will have to use Bus 20 to the NMC Hospital 2 before taking Bus X22 to their destination. Their ride will last somewhat more than 70 minutes and include walking as well. Finally, terminal 3 is connected to the city center via the CBD (Central Business District) Bus C01. Hence, after taking the bus from the airport bus stop, you’ll hop off the bus in Dnata 2. Continuing your journey with Bus 27 from Dnata 1, you’ll reach your destination after a 75-minute trip.

Our Tip: Please keep in mind that all the buses run from 04:00 am to 01:00 am, and passengers are not allowed to carry excessive luggage.

The Bus Fares for the Ride from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa

To pay for your bus ticket, you’ll have to buy a Nol Card from the DXB subway stations or the automatic vendors at the airport arrivals areas. Tickets are not available inside the bus. After settling on a card type, you should load it with money (with a minimum of 7.5 AED(1.88€/1.88$). 

The Red Ticket is a contactless paper card costing 2 AED(0.50€/0.50$). It can be topped up with 10 single tickets or 5 daily passes and is valid only for trains, buses, and the subway. Please note that you can use only one transport mode per trip. The ride from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa is priced at 6 AED(1.50€/1.50$). 

On the other hand, the Silver Card can be used on all modes of transport (train, subway, bus, tram, sea bus, taxi, and even for parking). However, transfers between lines must take place within 30 minutes. To buy the Silver Card, you’ll have to pay 25 AED(6.28€/6.28$), but the 19 AED(4.77€/4.77$) out of them basically credits for upcoming transfers. If you buy a Silver Card, your trip from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa will cost you 5 AED(1.26€/1.26$).

Apart from the above options, you can also opt for a Gold Card. The Gold Card has the same price as the Silver and is valid for traveling in the Dubai trains’ Gold Class. Lastly, the Personal Card is addressed mainly to locals.

All in all, your bus trip from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa should last from 70 minutes to 80 minutes (without traffic), depending on your DXB terminal, and cost you 5 AED(1.26€/1.26$)-6 AED(1.50€/1.50$) depending on the Nol card type. What’s more, a change of lines will also be required (yet the cost remains the same as with Nol Cards, up to 3 transfers within 180 minutes count as one trip), making the journey challenging, especially if you travel with heavy luggage.

Our Tip: Children up to 5 years of age don’t pay for their tickets.

Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa by Subway

DXB Airport is connected to Dubai via the efficient Dubai subway system. Clean and modern, the Dubai subway even offers its passengers Wi-Fi use. Dubai International Airport has two subway stations located at terminals 1 and 3. The Red Subway Line calls at both stations before heading to Dubai and reaches the Burj Khalifa- Dubai Mall Metro Station in about 25 minutes, with 4-7-minute intervals depending on the time of the day. The subway runs from 05:00 am to midnight, from Monday to Thursday, and on Saturdays, while on Fridays, it has routes from 05:00 am to 01:00 am. On Sundays, the subway operates from 08:00 am to midnight.

A Nol Card is also necessary to pay for your subway ticket. Thus, if you buy the Red Ticket, your journey from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa will cost you 6 AED(1.50€/1.50$), whereas, with a Silver Card, you will have to pay 5 AED(1.26€/1.26$). Children under the age of 5 are out of charge. 

Our Tip: Only one piece of luggage and one hand baggage is allowed inside the subway.

Car Rental from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa

If you plan on exploring Dubai’s surroundings, a Dubai airport car rental would be the ideal way to check in to your accommodation after landing at DXB Airport. The vibrant airport, listed among the busiest in the world, hosts many car rental agencies operating at a local level or globally. Hence, finding the right car rental deal for you should be easy peasy.

Hence, Dubai car rentals are quite popular among travelers wishing to plan their journey at their own pace and avoid, as much as possible, walking under the hot sky of the city. While free parking can be challenging, Dubai’s hotels often provide their guests with complimentary parking spots, whereas shopping malls and most of the city’s sightseeing have designated parking areas for their visitors.

Private Airport Transfers from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa

Dubai is the Golden City, a synonym of luxury and wealth. Thus, is there a more suitable way to travel from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa than with a Dubai airport transfer? Make your pick among the various providers, and get the first glimpse of Dubai fittingly: in comfort and style!


How far is Burj Khalifa from Dubai Airport?​

DXB Airport lies within a 15-km/9.3-mile distance from Burj Khalifa. Thus, a taxi or car ride from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa usually lasts around 20 minutes (under normal traffic conditions).

How do you get from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa?

If you value comfortable rides, you should catch a cab or book a private airport transfer from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa. Car rentals are also recommended if you relish independent journeys. On the other hand, the top value-for-money option is, without a doubt, the efficient and low-cost subway, whereas buses also link DXB to Burj Khalifa. Still, their rides are time-consuming, indirect, and often tedious.

How much does it cost from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa?

The cost of your ride from DXB to Burj Khalifa depends on the chosen means of transit. Thus, a taxi ride to the tallest building in the world costs around 60 AED(15€/15$), whereas the journey via bus or subway is priced at 5 AED(1.26€/1.26$) (plus the cost of a Nol Card).

Can you take the metro to Burj Khalifa?

The Red Subway Line efficiently links Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa. Departing from both airport stations, it gets to Burj Khalifa- Dubai Mall Metro Station in about 25 minutes. In general terms, it runs from 05:00 am to midnight on a 4-7-minute frequency (its itinerary slightly changes on Fridays and Sundays), while a one-way ticket with a Silver Card costs 5 AED(1.26€/1.26$).