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Everything you Need to Know about Taxis at DXB Airport

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Why Should you Settle on a Dubai Airport Taxi?

If convenience and comfort are the goals, Dubai airport taxis are the way. The cream-colored vehicles run around the clock, lining up at the airport taxi ranks. Well-maintained, relatively new, and modern, Dubai airport taxis offer premium transfer services from DXB Airport to Dubai downtown or even another of the UAE’s Emirates. In fact, they are considered one of the most popular airport transfer modes, thanks to their door-to-door rides and their rather reasonable prices. While Dubai airport’s public transportation is effective and certainly more low-cost, it comes with many disadvantages, such as the lack of storage space, the entailed risk of pickpockets, along with the often overcrowded buses and trains. Hence, a taxi saves you from the hassle of trying to find the right transportation line, the closest stop, as well as your way from the disembarking point to your hotel while carrying your luggage.

Dubai Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Dubai airport taxis are metered. Thus, their fares are not set, but they are formed by the vehicle’s taximeter, based on the traversed distance and the traveling time. Although various taxi companies operate at DXB Airport, they are all state-controlled in one way or another. That’s why their prices are approximately the same. The airport flag tariff is 25 AED(6.28€/6.28$), and the fee per kilometer is 1.97 AED(0.50€/0.50$). Hence, a taxi ride from DXB to downtown Dubai should last around 20 minutes and cost about 60 AED(15€/15$).

Although taxi drivers might prefer being paid in cash, all official taxis are equipped with POS machines. Hence, payments via bank cards are always an option.

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Dubai Airport Taxi Fares to Popular Destinations

Is your journey’s end not inside Dubai city districts, and are you planning on reaching it via an airport taxi? Take a look at the usual taxi fares for rides from Dubai International Airport to the most popular, nearby destinations:


FromToPrice (AED)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Dubai AirportDubai City Center
60 AED15€15$20 min
Dubai AirportGlobal Village Dubai98 AED24.60€24.60$25 min
Dubai AirportSharjah

120 AED30€30$40 min
Dubai AirportDWC Airport180 AED 45.24€45.24$45 min
Dubai AirportBollywood Parks225 AED56.50€56.50$50 min
Dubai AirportAbu Dhabi329 AED82.50€82.50$90 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Dubai International Airport?

DXB Airport has official taxi ranks located outside the doors of all three airport terminals. Thus, whether you are landing at terminal 1, 2, or Emirates terminal 3, you will easily find the respective taxi stand simply by following the airport’s signage. Please note that one member of the DXB staff is always present at the taxi ranks, showing passengers the first taxi in line, assisting them, and preventing long waiting times for a cab.

Airport Taxi from Dubai Airport to Hotel

Are you landing at DXB Airport and wish to check in to your accommodation as soon as possible to start your Dubai journey? A Dubai airport taxi will make your wish come true. Hire your cab from the airport’s taxi ranks and enjoy door-to-door and fast services to your destination.

Our Tip: A good tip to save money on your journey is to check if your hotel offers free airport shuttle rides. 

Tips & Hints about Dubai Airport Taxis

  • Dubai airport taxis are metered. Thus, you should check if the taximeter is reset and turned on as soon as you enter the cab.
  • If you are traveling on a budget, it is advisable to decline limo transfer offers. Limo transfers are much costlier than ordinary taxis.
  • Dubai airport taxis are overall pricier than normal taxis. However, if you opt for a regular taxi, you will have to walk out of the airport complex and flag down a cab from the street or call for one.
  • If your route includes tolls, the toll fees will be added to the final taxi rate.
  • Please always take your taxi from the official taxi ranks. Individual, unlicensed taxi drivers will most probably overcharge you.
  • The official Dubai taxis are cream-colored, while their roof has a distinctive color indicating the taxi company they belong to. Overall, all taxi companies are controlled by the UAE government. Nevertheless, Dubai Taxi Corporation, consisting of cream with red roofs vehicles, is the official governmental taxi company. 
  • Taxi vehicles with pink roofs are exclusively driven by women and offer their services strictly to women and children. 
  • The vast majority of taxi vehicles are new car models, well-maintained and air-conditioned.
  • Ridesharing is also possible at DXB Airport.
  • Taxi drivers speak English well, while many of them speak multiple languages. 
  • Drivers in Dubai (including taxi drivers) are known for their fast, reckless driving.
  • Dubai streets don’t have numbers, only names. Thus, when revealing your destination to the driver, you should also name a nearby city attraction, landmark, hotel, etc.
  • Tipping is optional yet customary. 


How much is a taxi from Dubai Airport?

Dubai airport taxis don’t have set fares. Conversely, their prices are formed according to the taximeter’s indication. The initial tariff from DXB Airport is 25 AED(6.28€/6.28$), and each kilometer is charged at 1.97 AED(0.50€/0.50$).

Are taxis safe from Dubai Airport?

Dubai airport taxis are considered a safe and fast way of transport. However, if you want to enjoy secure and efficient services, you should always take your taxi from the airport taxi ranks and never trust individual taxi drivers.

Is it easy to find a taxi at Dubai Airport?

Taxis are always lining up at the airport taxi ranks, located outside the airport’s terminals. What’s more, a member of the airport personnel is present at the taxi ranks to help passengers and prevent long waiting lines.