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The Lavish Transfer Experience from the Sumptuous DXB Airport

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Travel in luxury: Dubai Airport Transfers

Dubai airport taxis are efficient, and their fleet consists of modern, reliable, and well-maintained vehicles. Nevertheless, despite the ordinary taxis’ efficiency, they don’t even come close to private Dubai airport transfers. Offering a wide variety of private transfer providers, DXB Airport hosts both local and international companies which stand out for their services. Apart from welcoming guests right after the baggage claim areas and assisting with their luggage, the private drivers are highly skilled and area-knowledgeable and can offer them helpful guidance on how to make the most of their journey in Dubai.

Why Choose a Dubai Airport Transfer? The Top 5 Reasons

If you are still waffling back and forth about whether you should settle on a private transfer or not, you can take a look at the following 5 main advantages that go hand in hand with a private transfer ride:

  1. Convenience: Dubai airport transfers not only offer door-to-door rides but also provide their passengers with welcome services. The drivers are there on time, waiting at the DXB Arrival areas, carrying the luggage, and escorting passengers to their vehicles parked just outside the airport’s doors. Is the flight canceled or delayed? They always stay updated about the DXB flight schedule, and they reschedule the pick-up time accordingly.
  2. Journey Duration: When opting for a taxi transfer -either for an airport taxi or a private transfer-, you get to reach your destination in the city center in approximately 15-20 minutes. On the other hand, public bus rides are really slow as they need more than one hour to get downtown. What’s more, a bus transfer from Dubai Airport requires a change of lines. On the other hand, the efficient Dubai metro is fast too. In fact, the traveling time from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station is only 25 minutes. Still, you’ll have to walk your way from the subway station to your accommodation under the unbearable Dubai heat, while you can carry only one piece of luggage and a hand bang inside the metro.
  3. Safety: When traveling via public transport modes, you have your personal belongings exposed, risking getting pickpocketed. Conversely, airport taxis offer safe services. Still, Dubai taxi drivers are known for their fast driving. Thus, with a Dubai airport transfer, you’ll have your luggage safely stored in the trunk, while you’ll rest assured that your driver will follow the traffic rules at all times. 
  4. Side Amenities: Depending on the chosen private transfer company, passengers relish many side amenities. From city tours to handy tips and hints about Dubai’s sightseeing and hidden gems, and from water or other products to vehicle picking during the reservation process, a Dubai airport transfer is so much more than a ride. 
  5. Cost: Private Dubai airport transfers are certainly more expensive than the subway and the public buses and slightly costlier than ordinary taxis. However, their prices totally reflect the quality of their services, while their fares are set. Thus, they aren’t affected by the -often high-traffic levels.

Overall, the Dubai airport transfers’ benefits compared to the other transportation modes can be summarized as follows:


Mode of TransportConvenienceJourney DurationSafetySide AmenitiesCost
Private Transfer
Public Transportation
Ordinary Taxis

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Dubai Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

Unsurprisingly, Dubai airport transfers are much more expensive than public transportation modes, but also pricier than ordinary taxis. For instance, while a Dubai taxi will charge about 60 AED(15€/15$) for the ride from Dubai Airport to Burj Khalifa, a Dubai airport transfer can cost even 120 AED (30€/30$). However, if you take into consideration their flat, independent of the traffic levels price, and the quality and wealth of the provided services that justify the rate, you’ll end up considering it a value-for-money option.

Dubai Airport Transfer to Hotel

The most comfortable (and suitable to Dubai’s “glamour”) way to check in to your hotel after landing at Dubai International Airport is a Dubai airport transfer. Stress and hassle-free, Dubai airport transfers are the most popular choice among travelers who relish convenience and want to avoid the least possible time on transportation. Still, if you appreciate comfort but also want to save money from your Dubai journey’s budget, you should keep in mind that many Dubai hotels offer complimentary transfers from and to Dubai Airport. Hence, before making up your mind about your preferred transportation mode from the airport, it is advisable to first check your hotel’s services.


What is a private airport transfer?

A private airport transfer is a pre-booked ride from DXB Airport to your destination, offered at a fixed fare and accompanied by many side amenities. Private airport transfers are considered the most lavish way to travel from the airport, especially after a long and tiring flight, when fast services and convenience are of the utmost importance.

How much does an airport transfer cost?

The cost of a private Dubai airport transfer varies depending on the final destination, the chosen vehicle type, and the company’s rates. Overall, private airport transfers are slightly pricier than taxi rides.